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Raghad graduated with excellence in viola from the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus, going on to become a viola teacher there.  Raghad combined performing with the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra, the Mary Orchestra for female players, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Opera house in Damascus, the West-eastern divan orchestra conducted by Daniel Barenboim and The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians in collaboration with Damon Albarn.

The situation in Syria has forced Raghad to leave her homeland, and she is now working hard in the UK to secure a living - performing, teaching and translating whenever opportunities arise.  Raghad is currently working with Surrey Arts Council, playing with the Orchestra of All Saints MAS in Brighton where she often leads the viola section, performing with the London Syrian Ensemble, and The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians. Continuing to perform traditional and classical Syrian and oriental music around the UK connects Raghad to her much missed homeland.

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