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The amazing music of Syria was brought to the western world's attention through their collaboration with Gorillaz and subsequent world tour.  In the years since the catastrophic Syrian conflict has forced a huge number of Syrian musicians to leave the country.  In 2016, Africa Express reunited 50 of these musicians from the country’s finest orchestras, and ‘The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians’ was born.  


This critically acclaimed live tour celebrated the power and joy of Syrian music through a series of sold-out concerts including the Holland Festival, Roskilde, Istanbul, Glastonbury Festival’s legendary pyramid stage and London’s Royal Festival Hall, which - through a partnership with Youtube - live-streamed the concert into Syrian communities and refugee camps across the globe.  The concerts were recorded and made into a live album, available on all DSPs here (add link, will get it from record label), and on CD and vinyl here: Africa Express 

Since this tour, many orchestra members have resettled in the UK, EU and around the world. 


The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians works to regularly unite these orchestra members and keep the beauty of Syrian culture alive within their new communities.  Shows and collaborations since 2016 include Cambridge Folk Festival, WOMAD Festival, Bozar, Trafalgar Square with the Mayor of London, an exclusive collaboration with the Liverpool Philharmonic, set up music projects in their new home countries, using new influences and relationships to share the and a link to: “Orchestra Members & Soloists” (link to new page with Orchestra member profiles hamsa, Raghad, etc etc  - the individual profiles should be within a separate page)


African Express